Stop Gentrification and Displacement on 8th Avenue in Sunset Park!

Sunset Park Residents Testified and Expressed Concerns about the proposed 6208 8th Avenue Luxury Development at Department of City Planning August 30th Public Scoping Hearing.

Sunset Park, Brooklyn –  Tenants of Sunset Park’s Chinatown, also known as “8th Avenue” to the largely Chinese immigrant working class community express concern towards the new mega-development plan put forth by 6208 Realty LLC, to rezone the parking lot located on 6208 8th Avenue for mixed-use purposes. Similar to rezonings that took place in other neighborhoods in New York City, community members fear that if granted, developers’ request for special permits and a rezoning has the potential to dramatically alter the cultural and economic fabric of “8th Avenue”.  Sunset Park’s Chinatown is now home to one of the largest concentrations of residents of Asian heritage in New York City, even higher than the number living in Manhattan’s Chinatown. Asian, mainly Chinese residents were the fastest-growing immigrant group living in Sunset Park, increasing by 241 percent between 1990 and 2014.

This project which includes three large towers consisting of luxury rentals, commercial, and office spaces fails to meet the community needs of its working class residents. Instead, it has the potential to accelerate the displacement of low-income tenants, create more traffic congestion, and generate more harmful dust and debris in the environment.

In addition to the already existing issues in the neighborhood, other important concerns this new development might bring about include:

  • Increased car traffic and pedestrian safety hazards
  • Rising commercial and residential rents will worsen overcrowdedness and lead to possible
  • Strained infrastructure in terms of public transportation and public schools
  • Lack of open space
  • Lack of affordable housing

In the past few years, rising rents accompanied with the housing crisis has lead to many cases of overcrowding, displacement, and even at times, multiple families living in illegally converted housing. Long time small businesses are also being affected by rising commercial rents having forced them to go out of business or to relocate. Traffic congestion continues to also plague the 8th Avenue community. Tenants have made these issues clear to local officials, however not much has been offered to mitigate these issues.  

Aug 30_8th Ave_Public Hearing_Eng